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MTN WB Paint 200ml - 12.9 EUR

Nosūtot krāsu ir iespējama tikai Latvijas teritorijā, šis ierobežojums ir saistīts ar īpatnībām pasta piegādi.


In addition, we’re introducing 18 refill cartridges in a 200 ml / 6,6 oz format. The highest quality paint that’s useful for much more than refilling because it may be applied using any technique, such as: paint brushes, dabbers, airbrush…

All colors are mixable with one another and may be diluted with water to achieve glaze effects. Components
can be cleaned with water while they are still wet.

Amarillo Claro /Light Yellow
Naranja /Orange
Rojo Claro /Light Red
Rojo Claro /Light Red
Violeta Bruja/Witch Violet
Azul Claro/Light Blue
Azul Oscuro /Dark Blue
V. Guacamole/Guacamole Green
Blanco /White
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